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Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo technique that involves using tiny, fine-point needles that make up a small, disposable blade. The needle carefully scratches the surface of the skin, creating featherweight strokes on the epidermis layer of the skin.  


The technique creates thin, crisp lines giving the illusion of realistic, natural hair strokes. With this technique, our artists can create a natural light finish or build up a bold brow look.

$400 (new set)


6-8 WEEKS $60

2-3 MONTHS $120

6+ Months $240

**correction/enhancement of another artists work + $75 to all pricing**


Since Microblading pigments are not implanted into the skin as deep as traditional tattoos, the area will naturally fade over time. The microblading results can last anywhere between 1-2 years depending on skin type, lifestyle, age and how often you get touch-ups.​


Your skincare routine will also have an effect on the longevity of the pigment. Patients who tan, use chemical peels or products with AHA or Glycolic Acid will fade faster as your skin will resurface faster.




Must not have a skin condition on or near your eyebrows. This includes eczema, shingles, rashes, keloid or anything else near eyebrows.​


If you have a pre-existing eyebrow tattoo or permanent makeup. The tattoo or permanent makeup must be light enough for us to draw hair strokes. We ask anyone with a previous eyebrow tattoo to send us an email with a picture of their eyebrows with no makeup on, so we can evaluate. 

Email brow photos to:


​Must not be allergic to alcohol, nickel or numbing agents. If you think you might have an allergy to our ink, numbing cream, or alcohol (which is in the ink), then you may have a reaction to our work. We suggest you to schedule a patch test at our Salon to ensure you have no reactions.​


Clients must be the age of 18+ to proceed with an appointment. ​Must not be diabetic, anemic or have any blood deficiencies. ​If you are vegan, vegetarian, or pescatarian.

Must submit blood work to show iron levels are normal.


​If you are prone to keloids. (Please schedule a patch test to see if you are eligible to receive microblading.)



If you are prone to keloids. (Please schedule a patch test to see if you are eligible to receive microblading.)


If you are prone to post-inflammatory hypo-pigmentation. (Please schedule a patch test to see if you are eligible to receive microblading.)​​

Those with a blood disease such as HIV or Hepatitis are suggested not to proceed with the procedure. Due to difficulties of the body being able to fight infections, it would be in your best interest not to move forward with a procedure. Semi-permanent will cause numerous of injuries to the skin during ink application, so it will be a high risk of infection


​If you are going through chemotherapy (Although microblading is great for restoring eyebrows, a clearance letter is required by your doctor)


​Must NOT be pregnant or breastfeeding (must be done breastfeeding for at least 90 days before the procedure)​IUD (We do not recommend those with IUDs to move forward with microblading. Ombre or microshading is recommended)​​

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